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Why An E-Bike?

Ouray E-Bike Rentals offers you an amazing way to explore all that the Ouray area has to offer, on your own, by renting one of our E-bikes.  You can explore at your own pace on one of our E-bikes that deliver a smooth, fun, comfortable ride. They’re quiet and gentle on the environment yet powerful enough to help you easily conquer Ouray’s streets. E-Biking around Ouray is a great activity for the whole family! Children who are 12 and over are able to join in on the experience, and any child who can fit in a child seat or pull-behind is welcome! “

Book for the 2023 summer while there are time slots left!


Interested in a test ride? Stop by our shop. We offer a 15 Minute test ride for $20!

Pick up your bike from our location at 408 Main St. Unit C (Behind Yankee Girl Cafe), from there we will go over the bike(s) with you until you feel confident. You may choose a 2 Hour Rental, 4 Hour Rental, or Daily Rentals.

As beautifully elegant as it is rugged the Aventure E-bike is the most powerful and versatile E-bike Aventon ever designed. With a front suspension fork, fat tires, and exceptional handling you can be sure of the most comfortable ride across whichever terrain your spirit chooses, whilst built in fenders and integrated front and rear lights ensure that wherever you go you’ll be both seen by others and protected from the terrain beneath you.


Kid Trailer     $20-$40 Per Rental

All Aventon E-Bikes Available for SALE!

Aventon Certified Dealer


What are E-Bikes?

An electric bike (E-Bike) is a motorized bicycle with an integrated electric motor used to assist power and speed. The electric motor adds power automatically while pedaling with different levels of assistance. They also come with a throttle that allows them to be ridden without pedaling, although doing this drains the battery at a faster rate. E-Bikes allow people with various fitness levels to ride across different terrains and hills with ease, as compared to a normal bicycle.

How fast do E-Bikes go?

Ouray E-Bike Rentals offers Aventon brand E-Bikes. Top speed is 28 miles per hour.

What does Pedal Assist mean?

Pedal assist is a mode that provides power only when you are pedaling. The pedal assist mode is also nice because you can focus purely on your pedaling and you don’t have to hold the throttle in a certain position.

What does Throttle Mode mean?

When the throttle is engaged the motor provides power and propels you and the bike forward. A throttle allows you to pedal or just kick back and enjoy a “free” ride! Our throttles can be fine tuned like a volume dial between low and full power up to 28 miles per hour maximum.

Are E-Bikes allowed on the road?

An E-Bike is just like any other bike and are allowed on roads in bike lanes and on the River Trail. Please follow traffic laws, be safe, and have fun!

What experience do I need to ride them?

Riding an electric bike is almost the same as riding a regular bike. You turn on the motor, use the controller to pick the degree of help you desire, and then pedal. The motor will make initial acceleration much simpler and then assist you in maintaining pace, which is very useful while climbing a hill.

Can I demo an E-Bike first?

Yes! Give us a call: 970.708.7257

Can kids ride E-Bikes?

Yes, kids 12 and older can ride the E-bikes with a parent or adult friend.

Do you have anything for kids under 12?

We have Burley trailers, which can seat two small children. Perfect for a family day trip! We are also working on getting pedal bikes for the kiddos.

Do you provide helmets?

Yes, helmets are required for all riders.

How much does it cost to rent an E-Bike?

Half days, 4 hour rentals, are $120 per bike plus taxes and fees. 2 Hour Rentals are $70 per bike plus taxes and fees.

Where are you located?

We are located at 408 Main St. Unit C. Ouray, CO 81427. (Behind Yankee Girl Cafe)

Where should we go on our E-Bikes?

Anywhere you like but most people ride to destinations such as Box Canyon Falls, Cascade Falls, The Ouray Hot Springs Pool, or a longer ride down the river trail. Parking in Ouray is extremely limited during the peak seasons. So E-biking around town is one of the only ways to get around anymore. Plus it’s a bucket-list activity for many people and you really get the whole experience because you’re outside in the fresh air.

Want to plan a group ride?

We can coordinate group rides! Please give us an additional heads up.

What E-Bikes do you have for sale?

OEBR sells all Aventon products and bikes. Give us a call to check availability.

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If you have questions or need help booking, give us a call, send a message, or come on in! We’re happy to help!